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The Mermaid - 2016 - Model: Lizz

Photographer : Marcus Ranum (
Stock Photo >
photo >…
Digital-Art Manipulator :…
Pascal Piro (
Soft 3D : Mudbox - 3DStudio Max - Photoshop


Painting: Oil on Canvas.

In Greek mythology, the chimera is a fantastic creature evil. Often represented by a body, a lion's head (another head goat) and a serpent's tail, it brings together the symbols of three animals that provide fertile ground for the most diverse interpretations victory of a hero on the monster, or the victory of one people over another. In the representation of the arts generally considered to be female, it becomes the harbinger of natural disasters (storms, shipwrecks).

The table does not portrayed as a classic version builds on the Interpretation of Robert Graves (writer of the 19 th).
According to him, the chimera is translated to a native matriarchy (MOTHER) and represents the three ages of a woman.
The lion puberty (feminine draped top of the table and in which a watermark appears lion) .The goat to maturity
(Expressed as a reddish goat udder goat gangrenous mastitis phase of infection left of the table, and his female figure lying on his right opposite).
The cold snake moved in the shadows for Menopause
(Animal represented in the upper center of the canvas, aging and menopausal woman lying in the foreground at the bottom of the canvas.
The elongated fly to his right marking the symbolic of transience and death). (Cf.…)

These three animals combines three seasons:

Spring for the lion (mutation in transit phases cool colors / hot in the center of the canvas) summer for the goat (scene of elephants in Africa in the summer, top and right side of the canvas) the winter to the serpent (snake wrapped scene on him even ice blue head in an ocher earth environment brulee and dark, high left and general part of the canvas). These three elements of the understanding of time and nature symbolizing life going. 

Keywords: painting, piro, chimere, surrealisme, oil canvas, art-fine


Painting: Oil on Canvas.

The scene evokes the tragic attacks perpetrated against the United States on the twin towers on September 11 2001.Dans canvas upper left, the plane does not yet touch the towers on fire and focuses on the controversy sources Official relayed by the media, and that "the myth of a conspiracy" will be largely fed. Protest and mystery commonly accepted explanations (sources:…).

In the smoke architect Minoru Yamasaki WTC shopping complex emerges and expresses the influences of his art by his presence. The design of the World Trade Center in New York was built in a typical Muslim architecture fully paid by the employer, favorites of the bin Laden family. It is assumed in this regard that Osama bin Laden was an additional hatred for the Twin Towers because of their architectural style. He would have seen as blasphemous to build a monument to Western trade using the architectural traditions of Islamic spirituality (sources:

The central scene evokes the year 1776 and relates the 1,776 feet worth 541 meters, height of the two towers marking the date of the Treaty of the Declaration of Independence of the United States signed on 4 July 1776.Ce treated proclaiming the central idea of ​​individual freedom is considered the universal text that marks the birth of the United States. The date 1776 is engraved in Roman numerals on the bottom right of the stone table: M DCC LXX VI - 1776.

The four white horses in the background are a reference to the four airliners hijacked that day by members of Islamist jihadist network Al Qaeda and make 2973 victims.

Fragmentation on one of the horses expressed through the continuity of the body disintegrates, the resurrection. Despite that history did these absolute non-violent martyrs will is essential to say that they rise, their bodies down here met their soul to rebuild.

The patriot on the fourth horse right, patriot or insurgent is the name gave themselves the British colonists who rebelled against the British Crown during the American Revolution. If going to heaven is the purpose that God desires for each of our lives, paid for by the blood he must pay to fight the use of terror whether political, religious or ideological must never cease ...

Table depict two scenes in one, apparently as tragic as the other one (WTC 09/11 and 1776) evokes a positive analysis of "renewal and the struggle to maintain peace and human freedoms" ... 

Keywords: wtc, Finne-art surrealisme, history, french painter, twin tower

Repas Frugal…

Painting: Oil on Wood.

The top of the table show one angel who falls in the water, it sounds the bell to with lunch. The pocket watch broke, marking off the hour of lunch when everything freezes. Everyone eats:

Seagull (top left of the table) caught a crab who a the octopus grabbed himself ; Octopus caught by Nere (child) primitive sea god, known as the "Old Man of the Sea" (historically older former than Poseidon).

the horse to his apple, the dog to this bone, gulls (middle and bottom left of the table)
flying over the sea for their fish, the fisherman-martin caught in its beak one mullet (under the belly of the horse).

Doris (daughter of Oceanus and Tethys Nereus married, of which she will have fifty daughters,
known as the Nereids) is attached to the leg of the mare and gets distracted by butterflies. Under his right hand the world ocean is shown in which a blob-Fish (fish gelatinous deep sea). With his left hand and with a pilum (spear Roman legionnaires) it harpooned grouper for her meal

Finally, grouper which in turn wants to eat, opens his mouth (bottom of the table) and sucks the horse that connects the whole scene lying on top of him.

The whole history indicator reduced to its title, for nature decides otherwise in reality. A fish eating a horse being not possible ! ; And since no meal is planned for this latter being the only one able to eat, he will be satisfied with the plankton can one think "frugal" of course !

the blue spheres (top right) simulate the points of lights under water, yellow spheres of Naples and turned green purple hues (middle right) simulate the iridescent fish scales of grouper in the depths, while the spheres yellow ocher and brown (bottom left) will have the color of clotted blood of the fish.

Color found in the food preparation dear to our humble fishermen Provence,

I speak of the true bouillabaisse. 

Keywords: painting, piro, french, surrealisme, merou, fish, oil



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